Swimming Pool Waterproofing Dubai

Pools Dubai is the leading expert company in structural Swimming Pool Waterproofing  in Dubai and UAE with over 20 years experience.

Traditionally, the trade of “waterproofing” didn’t exist and definitely at intervals the athletic facility trade no specific specialized trades were ever utilized to waterproof the structure of the pool. Instead, Pools Dubai relied on the density and thickness of the concrete pool shell; the relative solidness of the surface coatings applied to the concrete pool form; furthermore as epoxy seals and expandable foams to seal around penetrations (pipes etc).

Before I am going into additional detail on waterproofing practices most likely best if I explained the mechanisms by that swimming pools leak in Dubai .the majority imagine a pool leak in an exceedingly athletic facility to be associated with the failure of the plumbing lines. this can be generally the case – although the widespread use of pipe pressure testing instrumentation to examine for failing lines; conjointly the} use of mini excavators to excavate the plumbing lines to fail safe depths means that plumbing line failures are uncommon and simply fixed; pools also leak through “penetration leaks”, whereby water leaks out of the pool concrete kind around the pipe / fitting penetration that passes through the concrete kind – Pools Dubai attempt to mitigate this variety of leaks through applying epoxy collars and swell able water stops – that works rather well once properly implemented; the opposite variety of water leak in an exceedingly athletic facility and far and away the toughest to repair may be a “structural leak”, during this variety of leak water leaks through the concrete style of the pool shell at a slow and infrequently insensible rate. The majority aren’t even tuned into having a “penetration or structural leak” in the three athletic facilities unless they will visually see a buildup of water on associate exposed a part of the pool kind.


The walls and also the ground of a swimming bath area unit subject to constant water pressure. For enjoying the swimming bath it’s necessary to possess a permanent waterproofing Dubai.


For waterproof structures made from concrete we’ve got within the German 2 expressions that haven’t any real equivalent in English:

The “WeisseWanna” (white tub) and also the “SchwarzeWanna” (black tub). each expressions area unit chiefly used for concrete basements, that area unit exposed to H2O. White and Black tubs can even be used for swimming pools.

White Tub:

A white tub describes the associate degree impermeable structure. The concrete utilized in itself is impermeable. Water penetrates from one aspect into the capillary layer. The concrete wall’s core remains freed from the liquid. On the dry aspect of the wall, the water diffuses through the white tub’s diffusion layer. An airy dry aspect can pass wetness. On the dry aspect of the wall, water is gift solely in little quantities in frothy combination.


It should be mentioned that a structure won’t become a white tub simply by exploitation impermeable concrete. The joints between concrete sections, the approach the concrete is compacted and alignment of reinforcing rods are a component of a white tub. Building firms don’t seem to be suggested to supply white tubs if they are doing not have the proper expertise and data because it may be a specialist’s task.


Black Tub:

This describes a system that’s impermeable rather like a white tub. but the concrete walls don’t seem to be impermeable. The system is tight by a waterproof layer. This layer is applied on the water aspect of the wall, e.g. within the swimming bath. Examples for black tubs area unit covered swimming pools, whereas the tiles area unit affixed onto a waterproof layer. This layer forms a rubbery coating on the concrete. Associate degree alternative example for a black tub may be a pool exploitation vinyl liner. This is often a foil that may be hooked up to the wall and can hold the water kind of like a bag.


While basements in Germany area unit these days largely designed as white tubs, white tubs area unit less fashionable for swimming pools. One reason may be the access to the waterproof layer. Whereas the waterproof layer on basement walls would air the surface of the building this layer can eventually be buried at the bottom. it’s thus tough to access for repair or checks. in an exceedingly pool the waterproof layer is definitely accessible once the water is pumped up out of the tank.


There shouldn’t be several worries with free-standing pools within the out-of-doors. Pools, that area unit within the house and even not on rock bottom floor ought to be planned rigorously. a mixture of a white and a black wall may be taken into consideration. This adds associate degree impermeable concrete wall as a life of safety to the waterproof coating.


Swimming Pool Waterproofing Dubai