About Total Pools

Our Values

Your number one concern at your pool should be safety; our number one concern at your pool is safety. At Total Pools safety is our core value, and everything we do is built around it. From lifeguard training to managing your water chemistry to repairing or renovating your pool, safety is our number one focus. Nothing, and we mean nothing, is as important to us as your safety at the pool. To achieve this level of safety, and our exemplary safety record, we employ the best trained and knowledgeable pool professionals in the industry, and we never stop training and teaching. We go well beyond what our competition does, it costs us more to do it, but we don’t know any other way.

We have three other core values – care, thoughtfulness, and honesty. We live these every day to provide you not only a safe pool experience but a fun and enjoyable experience as well. After all, it’s a pool and it’s there for you to have fun. It’s these core values that drive our service excellence and keeps our customers coming back. It’s not by chance that we have built the largest swimming pool management and maintenance company in the 30 years we’ve been in business – we’ve earned it, and we hope you become a part of it.