Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • Chiller Heater Service
  • Pool Renovation
  • Water Treatment
  • Acid washing
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Pool Tiling
  • Jacuzzi & Spa Service
  • Pool MEP Work
  • Pool Equipment Supply
  • UV Ozone unit installation

Pool Maintenance Services

We provide pool maintenance services to commercial properties with pools, fountains and water features.

Keep your pool clean, efficient and safe with routine pool maintenance service. Ensuring a clean environment is the goal of any pool professional, so why choose one over the other? Quality and reliability are two good reasons, but you also need a pool technician that is certified, knows the local “rules and regs” and can take on any needed repairs and renovations that may come up.
The good news is tha Total Pools offers multi-day service contracts with 24/7 service. And we cover all your bases: If something goes wrong, we’ll be there with a smart repair. And if you want to upgrade your existing pool, we’re ready and experienced.

Swimming Pool Service And Repair

Cleaning prior to pool opening is contracted to include:

  • Pool, premise, and plumbing inspections
  • Remove and store pool covers
  • Check equipment and inventory
  • Reclamation of pool water (if applicable)
  • Drain and acid cleaning of the pool (if applicable)
  • Advise owner/manager of any needed repairs
  • Consult on efficiency upgrades or solutions

Swimming Pool Services

Our general services include, but are not limited to:

  • Brush and vacuum the pool
  • Clean skimmer baskets and waterline tiles
  • Backwash filtration system
  • Remove of all trash on the on-site facility
  • Fill the water to its proper level
  • Inspect the filtration equipment
  • Monitor, test and adjust water to health department standards

Swimming Pool Care

We know you want to be informed about what’s going on at the pool. That’s why we created a tool that allows us to send reports from the pool to your email. This mobile reporting system is used by many of our offices. Multi-day pool maintenance service is available with 24/7 availability

Swimming Pool Repair

3bc509_10cb528fab7a4719af601258ded73038We are Offering high-quality plumbing and electrical services

With first-class customer service on valuable cost.
Our technicians are the highly qualified & certified, standard of excellence, and we offer services from simple light box installation to wiring for a swimming pool. We guarantee excellent customer service from Our technician.

Pool Construction Services

Stay competitive with pool construction services, renovation, repairs and upgrades.

Overall, we provide pool construction services that include repairs, renovations and equipment upgrades along with new pool construction for your property.

Total Pools is also here to help you get a competitive edge. To stand out from the crowd, your facility may need something more than a traditional rectangular pool.

In fact, you can engage a wider audience with a smart renovation. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in a sprayground or interactive water feature integration.

If your budget isn’t ready for a full pool renovation, you might think about upgrading your existing equipment to save money on your monthly utilities. A simple item like new LED pool lights can make a big impact: One traditional pool light can use the same amount of energy as 20 LED pool lights. Other upgrades include chemical systems with built-in automation or variable speed motors.